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Molds and resin injection molding technology

Because we, Kakihara, start manufacturing from planning and mold design, we have introduced the newest system at mold section where depends on the quality of parts.
In order to carry out precision molding, we are making efforts on developing production technology.


Design and Analysis with our accumulated know-how.
Introduce the latest mold design system.

At mold design stage, a designer works with engineers of other processes in order to reflect on the know-how of production technology to the mold and then make a drawing by the latest 3D CAD/CAM/CAE system. With this system, we can consider about the manufacturing and process design like suitable conditions and performance prediction in advance. As a result, we have achieved short lead time and high precision.

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Gas assist injection molding technology

Weight saving contributes cost down.
Improve Strength and Design

After injected the plastic raw material into the mold, nitrogen gas is injected and it can allows precision blow molding. The molding products by gas assist injection molding are about 30-50% lighter than the solid molding products and it can achieve the reduction of resources and costs. In addition, strength is also up in the three-dimensional structure and it is excellent in design characteristics. It is contributing to the weight saving, design improvement and cost down of outer handles of automobiles.

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Valve gate system molding technology

We have succeeded the weldless of resin injection molding
We have achieved more beautiful and high-grade appearance.

Plastic parts are made by injecting resin to the mold. At this time, the resin is injected from multiple inlets but Weld (Seam) will be occurs at the location where the resin joins each other. Weld part will damage the appearance of poor plating. Therefore, we have succeeded weldless by adjusting the timing of injecting resin and have achieved a beautiful finish by this molding system.

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Home > Technology information > Molds and resin injection molding technology

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