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Surface treatment technology of Resin Division

While maintaining performance of corrosion resistance, we pursue the decorativity by luxury feeling and color variation and we also make efforts to improve the environment of world-class, they have a high reputation.

White and dark trivalent chrome plating

Superior process both decorativity and corrosion resistance by Metallizing.

Trivalent chrome plating has been developed to widen the width of color. We have two types of colors. One is deep dark chrome (Black) that has luxury. The other is white chrome (Silver) that has great corrosion resistance can withstand snow melting agent of severe cold place. This process is environmentally friendly to the earth because it does not use hexavalent chromium.

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Direct plating

We have achieved formalin-free and phosphorus-free. While maintaining the quality, it is environmentally friendly.

Without "formalin (aqueous formaldehyde)" and "hypophosphite sodium" used in the electroless copper plating, we have developed "Direct plating" by using the nontraditional reducing agent. Wastewater treatment is easy because it does not also used strong complexing agent. It is a plating technique while achieving corrosion resistance and adhesion of the same level of chemical plating conventional, with improved environmental performance.

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Platinum satin plating

Feeling is better than the real.
Luxury metal tone what painting can not achieve.

Platinum satin plating have achieved the appearance of metal tone of luxury that painting can not achieve. We have developed Platinum satin plating in order to exceed Satilight Pearl Bright Velor process that can not clear corrosion resistance for exterior of automobile. Our process provides metal tone appearance of luxury shiny platinum satin.

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Home > Technology information > Surface treatment technology of Resin Division

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