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Integrated Production System of Resin Division

Integrated Production Systems that produce highly competitive products
The point of view to consider about the finished product always, it has contributed greatly to improve the quality and proposals from the design development stage.


Mold design thought the final step is to determine ”the quality of the parts”.

The high quality precision parts depends on "Quality of Mold". At Kakihara, a designer works with engineers of other processes in order to reflect on the know-how of production technology to the mold and then make a drawing. By the system of CAD / CAM / CAE system and high-precision NC machine tools, we has realized the production of mold in fast delivery, high precision.。

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Injection Molding

We are responding by High value-added engineering plastic molding, latest injection molding machines and high technology.

In the molding of high-value-added material engineering plastics and super engineering plastics, Kakihara introduced the latest injection molding machine and responding by high technology gas-assisted injection molding technology and weldless molding systems. In addition, by the introduction of robots or an effective recycling system, we are making efforts to lower costs, both in terms of logistics and machinery.

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Surface Treatment

The keyword is "Unmanned".
We have achieved the maintain high quality and mass production by 24 hours management.

With the introduction of latest FMS (flexible manufacturing system) , we achieve mass production while maintaining a constant quality and it gets a high evaluation on quality, delivery time and cost. Also regarding plating technology, we provides direct plating, trivalent chrome plating (white & black) and satin platinum plating in order to meet with the needs of Metallizing for any resin and metal materials. We are always trying to deepen and widen.

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Painting and Printing

Service you a higher-grade painting with Kakihara original technology.

Precision cleaning technology Kakihara own, have made it possible to paint with excellent functionally and decoratively. We have installed the paint clean room what eliminates fine dust, and automatically adjust the temperature and humidity. In addition to achieving a uniform coating quality, adopts the water-soluble type jig peeler, has less impact on the environment. I have achieving the innovative paint technology after another.

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We are aiming to perfect product manufacturing in the assembly process of the manual labor by skilled technicians.

This assembly process will further enhance the added value of integrated production. In Kakihara, in order to achieve a more perfect product manufacturing, we established a related company Kakihara Giken. The precise manual labor of superior technician, it can be assembled from one screw to complex unit. In addition, we also support various processing like ultrasonic welding, heat welding, hot melt and so on.

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Integrated Production System does not end even after completion of the product. Recycle process is also a necessary process as well.

Integrated Production System of Kakihara includes to re-use resources effectively. Because of the complex of metal and resin, waste resin plated products have been difficult to recycle. Kakihara havs developed a resin plating playback system and we can now re-use with high efficiency resin plating waste. We are developing a full-scale recycling system sales from Sep. 2004.

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Home > Production system > Integrated Production System of Resin Division

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