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Total Engineering System

Based on technology that has accumulated as a development-oriented manufacturer, we have established a system in which each department work together as committed to maximizing Integrated Iproduction System, can respond to all customers requests.

New Process Development Department

The line of sight to a few steps ahead of era.
R & D section to realize dreams.

ew process development department is a research department to develop a new metallization process for the first time in the industry. Research and development of Metallizing is thriving because it can be deployed to any new material other than air and water. As opposed to research and development needs from the generation, we have to study challenges the high technology that is expected in the future. Basic stance of Kakihara's important to stock the technology so that it can be responsive to customers' needs immediately. For the creation of new high-value-added, new process development section plays a role that will promote the selection of chemicals, compounding, evaluation, process improvement, and joint research with a variety of manufacturers.

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Market Development Department

Develop the market with new Metallizing technology that precede the needs of society and customers.

Market development department explore the potential expected for Metallizing what was produced by New process development department and propose to customers. Electric cars and a plug-in hybrid cars become a protagonist of the times in the future obviously. From now on, the further weight saving of automotive parts, the prevention of noise generated by the CPU and car navigation systems, and the sophistication of design are required. Metallizing technology is most promising as a solution so Market development section catch the needs from customers quickly and propose the new technology to customers what is necessary for customers.

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Sales Engineering Section

Propose technical proposals and advices to customers and to control design, mass production and delivery.

Sales engineering section propose various technical proposals to customers. Based on the new technology that stock by research and development and state-of-the-art technology accumulated so far, Sales engineering section will continue to embody the demand while performing the new proposal and specific advice.

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Production Engineering Section

Production engineering section is the section where all technology of Integrated Production Processes are gathering and this section operate the project.

Production engineering section make up the process of prototyping and mass production. This section determine production unit, study of the drawings, extraction problems in production, prototype, and then solve the problems of mass-produced in a short time. Creating products that reflect the needs, pursuing high-quality and low-cost is a major theme of this section.

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Production management section

Introduce the latest ERP (Production management system) in order to reduce the loss and realize a quick response.

Production management section is a section that deploys orders from customers to the component level and issue work instructions to each process. This section manage delivery and processes smoothly with the introduction of latest EPR. In addition, the production of just-in-time allows the short leadtime as planned.

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Quality Control Section

Section guarantee Kakihara brand.
Pursuing 100% satisfaction and stability of quality.

The quality assurance section is managing the quality control of products and parts by the newest inspection equipment and the strict own standard. If a problem occurs, ascertained the cause of problem and reflected the solution to the production process. As well as preparing the management system of thorough, and committed to creating products that can 100% satisfied, we deliver only the best products to customers.

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