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Platinum Satin Plating that has the color tone like aluminum is getting popular.

(Sep. 9. 2013)

Including the SUV, it is getting popular rapidly as the car interior and exterior parts recently.

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We have installed Solar Power System which can produce 126.72kw at Minooki 2nd Factory.

(Jun. 25. 2013)

We have installed Solar Power System which can produce 126.72kw at Minooki 2nd Factory introduced Miracle Solar by JCU Corporation.
All of the electricity will be boosted to 6.6kV and sold at the price 40yen/kWh for 20 years by using the renewable energy fixed price buyback system.
According to the simulation, it is predicted that annual power generation will be 142,000 kWh. It is that 20 years power generation can bring us the same effect as the emission reduction of nearly 1,860 tons carbon dioxide.
We hope that this can be helpful to the prevention of global warming more or less.

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We have established the production subsidiary, Siam Kakihara Co.,Ltd., in Thailand.

(Jul. 24. 2013)

We have established overseas bases for the first time in Thailand where the automobile production is increasing. We will start a mass production in summer of 2014.

Company Siam Kakihara Co.,Ltd.
Establishment May 16. 2013
Capital 350 Million Baht
(wholly owned by Kakihara Industries Co.,Ltd.)
Location Gateway City Industries Estate, Chachoengsao, Thailand (110km east of Bangkok)
President Kenji Hosokawa
(Kakihara’s Executive Officer of Resin Sales)
Site area 16,917m2
Building area About 4,500m2 (First phase)
Start Mass Production Summer of 2014
Production processes Resin injection molding and Resin Plating
Plating types Bright Chrome, Platinum Satin and Trivalent Chrome (dark & white)
Productions Resin plating parts for automotive interiors and exteriors like grills and door handles.

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We have installed Metal Resource Recovery System of the plating wastewater.

(Apr. 2. 2013)

We have developed Metal Resource Recovery System which makes the plating wastewater sludge of copper and nickel get sales value, with Fukuyama Metal Industries Center. The profitability and the effect of waste emissions control were observed by Hiroshima prefecture and this project was selected as “Hiroshima waste emissions control support subsidy”. By this system, the plating wastewater sludge can be reduced about 100 tons per year which was landfill as industrial waste before, and the limited metal resources can also be recycled effectively.

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