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Our aim is creating products that deliver the "impression" to our customers all over the world. We establish the world wide technology brand "Kakihara" by Metallizing as a key technology. We will continue to develop the possibility of metallizing the infinite.

Adding high-value to various materials by Metallizing.

Technology of "plating" will originate from Mesopotamia civilization of BC. As is say "21st century is the age of the surface", Metallizing that is plating on the surface of the material, is expected as a technology for creating a new feature, a variety new materials and nanotechnology, semiconductor, electronics, and automotive. It is spreading to industry and technology. Metallizing will add value to a variety of material. Its antibacterial also been noted in recent years, and it is also used frequently in housing-related equipment. As a "development-oriented company to a high-value-added in the metallization technology all the new materials", Kakihara will conduct product development to pursue the unlimited possibilities of metallizing, deliver the "impression" to customers around the world .

We aim the internationalization of Kakihara brand in technology.

As a leader in the metallizing industry, Kakihara, mainly manufacturing automotive parts, is contributing to sophisticate customers' "industrial design" and "design" by the high-performance and the high-value-added; such as the development of platinum satin plating create the appearance that certain sense of quality. Kakihara is already supplying the products superior to quality, function, cost, industrial design, design and all. Therefore, the next theme of Kakihara is that make own brand worldwide. The developing countries growing rapidly are entering in the automobile industries and it is globalizing. Our mission is to establish "Kakihara brand" equal to "trust" in this industries. it aims to give a longing to people in developing countries and to be a company respected by people. Kakihara is strengthening the research and development to achieve this, and we are promoting the globalization of the own brand of intellectual property strategy from a global point of view.

To be a development-oriented company opening up the uncharted field.

The slightly taken in the conventional wisdom, is regarded as its mission the development of new technologies, including the realization of a chrome-free, KAKIHARA is working to develop and improve co-plating evaluation of new materials, and raw materials, chemicals manufacturer. By proceeding diversified research, development, and is raising a key technology. Metallizing is a technology to new materials resin, a resin from metal, can be deployed to any new material other than air and water. New features that can be added is also a variety of electrical conductivity, electromagnetic shielding properties, solderability, bondability, magnetic recording properties, high frequency characteristics, low contact resistance, semiconducting, hardness, wear resistance, lubricity, and heat resistance. In Kakihara, providing a new process development room, market development room for that, make ahead the research and development, including the peripheral technology and Metallizing technology that lies, and actively promote the use and deployment of technology where the newly developed have. Mission to the creation of new high-value-added, we will continue and open the uncharted territory in the metallization.

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Home > About Kakihara > Vision

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