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How we should control the surface of new materials by the key technology “Metallizing”.
Using the synergy effects by improving Metallizing technology and creating related technologies, in order to be an only-one company.


Only-one Strategy

1.Improvement of key-technology

The key technology of Kakihara is Metallizing for the new materials. Plating is a historical technology introduced to Japan together with Buddhism. Now, Plating is well known as a high technology which is necessary for industries such as semiconductor industry, electronic industry, automotive industry, machinery industry, etc. Century 21 is said as “Century of Surface”among researchers of nanotechnology, new energy, new materials, electronic engineering and so on. Therefore, further improvement of plating technologies is highly expected. For the business theme of “Adding high-value to various materials by Metallizing”, we are chasing to polish the potential of metallizing technology thoroughly and spread the only-one technology to all over the world.

2.Best practice

Kakihara industries think the "best practice" is that we learn best in the world and to incorporate its way into our company. "Learn the best", "catch up with the best", "overtake the best", we call these "benchmarking method" and we are always practice. Learn the state-of-the-art technology of other companies, and evolve technology combined with our unique technology to even better. There is a gas-assisted molding technology to one of its success stories. By using state-of-the-art gas-assisted molding machine from the customer, adding a twist of our own, we have also succeeded in producing high quality products. Licensing of this gas-assisted molding technology have contributed to the nomination of the Patent Office of "patent use of the 100 best companies". By fusing the plating technology and this molding technology, our company is established itself with a solid unbeatable.


Precision painting of resin is becoming high quality with the personalization or gentrification of the automobile. However, the metal painting is the main stream in the paint industries so company dealing with the resin painting is very little. In addition, the accuracy of the paint that are required for high-class automobiles now, has evolved to a level that can not be addressed by facilities Painting Contractors. Therefore, in our company, you can quickly detect this need to gentrification, we established a clean room to painting process. This is one of the few facilities in Chugoku area. At the same time to meet customer needs, we are aiming the effect of increasing the value of existence Kakihara industries.

4.Management system

Based on the belief environment and quality that do not conflict, the management system that has been in operation since the past, to absorb integrated quality management system (ISO 9001) and Environmental Management System (ISO 14001), has established one management system of Kakihara industries. This management system, named "policy management system", is supporting the manufacturing of Kakihara who can with confidence to our customers in terms of quality and the environment.

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Management Philosophy・Corporate Creed

Management Philosophy

Under the corporate motto of "trust, creation and decision", we created a rich value, with the aim of "strong, good company," a high business ethics people who work in companies like feel the pride and joy.

Corporate Creed

- We will cherish the customers and we always deliver the best goods.
- We challenge newness constantly and pursue efficiency further more.
- We promote the development of company, we will fulfill our social responsibility.

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