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Environmental Policy

Mission to the "environmental protection" as a leader in the industry.
To environmentally advanced company to pursue eco-technology that combines the "Economy + Ecology".

Environmental Technology

Waste containing hazardous substances are discharged from the plating step of forming a compound aqueous resin and metal. For this reason, advanced wastewater treatment facility is required for water conservation. Located in the plating company dedicated industrial park, has invested 400 million yen or more, Kakihara was able to complete the joint wastewater treatment facility to date. In addition, to abolish the use of Freon 113 and cyan in the plating process, switch to washing with high purity pure water by this, and to hexavalent chromium-free In addition, we are committed to environmental protection in the new development and technology introduction .

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Material Recycle Technology

Environmental protection is an issue that the manufacturers must address seriously now. When was further accelerate it, is the Automobile Recycling Law, which came into effect in 2005. Kakihara is the first in the industry, as material recycling technology of resin plated products, we have developed a technology for separating the plating and resin products that become waste, reuse, respectively. It is in operation since 2004 and was dedicated equipment installation.

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Wastewater Treatment Equipment

The plating wastewater is separated to Chromium Drainage, Alloy Plating Wastewater and Acid Alkaline Drainage, and primary treated in the factory. After that, they are sent to Fukuyama Metal Center and has been processed and treated. We treat the wastewater, it becomes lower level of Sewer law of public sewer Fukuyama. After that, treated water is discharged to the public sewer. The sludge generated in the treatment process is sent to "Foundation Hiroshima Prefectural Environmental Conservation Corporation" Minoshima disposal site as the managed industrial waste and disposed of in landfills. The water quality testing of heavy metal ion concentration in the waste water, is performed once self-inspection every day by using the analytical instrument of atomic absorption photometer, etc., we are the proper treatment to be able to clear the criteria. The self-analysis data of one month, with concentration measurement certificate of the items analyzed outsourced, reported to the "Fukuyama city sewer department Niihama Purification Center". We have also carried out from time to time inspection of the processed material .

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ISO 14001


In Kakihara, committed to action to protect the environment for the certification international environmental management system "ISO 14001", has been certified and registered November 9, 2001. The ISO 14001, is an international standard to establish a system to understand the effect of various factors in performing business activities on the environment, will continue to reduce continuously the impact. Kakihara established the "Environmental Policy" in January 2001 and began operation in March the same year by building an environmental management system based on it. As a result, we acquired ISO 14001 certification in the head office factory and Minooki No.2 factory in November the same year. In addition to the slogan, "Economy and Ecology", and the pursuit of eco-technology that combines ecology and economy, we will continue working to further environmental conservation activities.

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Management Policy

Because Kakihara has established a management system that integrates with the "ISO 9001" and "ISO 14001", we have set "Management Policy" that integrates with "Quality Policy" and "Environmental Policy", and we have been operating it.

1. Based on the management philosophy, business activities of all, we will provide a "rich value" referred to as "products and services corresponding to the needs and expectations of customers".

Based on the management philosophy, we will comply with the requirements and regulations, with the aim the company "business ethics" is high.

3. Based on Management Philosophy, improve customer satisfaction, improvement of productivity, improvement of environmental performance, the prevention of pollution, and will deliver the "goods always the best".

Based on Management Philosophy, build a policy management system that combines the environmental management system and quality management system, we challenge the newness constantly, we will continuously improve the appropriateness of the system, validity, and effectiveness.

5. Based on Management Philosophy, formulated the president policy and director policy, what are same as the company purpose and goal, we will promote the development the company by executing them.

Kunihiro Kakihara
Kakihara Industries Co.,Ltd.
Jun. 30. 2004

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Environmental Activities


Apr. 1978  

In addition to fully transferred to Minooki Industrial Park, and achieved "No-Cyanide" at all factories.
We have started operating Fukuyama Metal Industrial Center what has the latest wastewater treatment system one of the few in Japan.
From all over the country, I attract attention as environmentally advanced estate (specialized plating industrial estate).

Apr. 1981  

Designated as small business rationalization model factory.
It is designated for the first time in the surface treatment industry and also advanced nature of environmental measures are also evaluated.

Apr. 1983  

Awarded Greening Model Factory of Governor of Hiroshima Prefecture Award.

Oct. 1984  

Commended Hiroshima Labor Standards Director Award (health department).

Apr. 1985  

Received the second consecutive specified small business rationalization model factory.

Aug. 1986  

Developed an electromagnetic wave shield technology and contribute to electromagnetic environmental measures of the electronic industry.

Oct. 1992   For the first time in the industry, and achieved factory abolition of Freon 113 what is a global warming substance.
It is introduced as environmental improvement advanced cases of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
Oct. 1993  

Completed the new joint waste water treatment facility at Fukuyama Metal Industrial Center.
We have completed with the perfect system that can respond to new environmental regulations.

Oct. 1997  

Established the resin thermal recycling boiler and achieved significant reduction in resin waste material.

Oct. 2000  

Introduced the water-soluble type jig peeling machine that is eco-friendly at the painting process.

Nov. 2000  

The first time in Japan, we have introduced eco-friendly copper-free (monolith) process to the resin plating lines.

Nov. 2001  

Certification of ISO 14001.

Dec. 2002  

Introduced a resin plating parts recycling demonstration facility. (METI funded project)

Jun. 2003  

Recycling business for rensin plating parts was nomitated as a business subject of Bingo industries regeneration zone.

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