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Technology is constantly polished and come to fruition as a new technology.
Metallizing will continue to deepen into the uncharted territory.

  Management Technology
Jan. 1959

Establishment of unincorporated enterprises, Kakihara Plating Industries.

Started Metal plating and various plating.
Apr. 1962 Established corporation. Established a Kakihara Plating Industries limited company.  
Oct. 1962 Received the designation of the research guidance factory from Hiroshima prefecture.  
Oct. 1963   Started Resin Plating
Nov. 1965

Commended as the excellent consultation company from Small and Medium Business Administration.

Oct. 1968   Started Injection molding of synthetic resin.
Nov. 1969 Won the national small and medium-sized companies and organizations Federation Chairman's Award.  
Apr. 1970  

Established Integrated Production System from precious molds, Injection Molding, to Plating, Precessing and there is a only one company in west Japan.

Aug. 1972

Changed the name of organization to Kakihara Industries Co.,Ltd.

Sept. 1975 Commended the excellent company award from the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.
Oct. 1977

The plating technology of Engineering Plastic is evaluated, started supplying engineering plastic parts to major 6 companies.

Apr. 1978

Meet the demand of the industry, the first phase of construction completed new office building and factory construction moved to Minooki industrial park. Involved automotive, home appliances, and telecommunications equipment, in various fields of industry.

Aug. 1978   Started resin painting and curved surface printing.
Apr. 1980

Commended the national small and medium-sized enterprises and organizations Union Federation Chairman's Award.

Developed a technology for molding two different materials simultaneously and it is possible to two-color molding thereby.

Mar. 1981 The second-stage extension construction completed.  
Apr. 1981 Received the designation of small business rationalization model factory.  
Apr. 1982

Commended the greening model factory Governor of Hiroshima Prefecture award.

Apr. 1983

Received the second continuous designation of small business rationalization model factory.

Apr. 1984

Commended Hiroshima Labor Standards Director Award (health department)

Aug. 1986  

Developed  electromagnetic shield plating technology by electroless plating.

Dec. 1988


As a result of industry self-regulation, electromagnetic shielding plating to the electronic device such as a personal computer is focused, inquiries from companies rushed and started mass production.

Dec. 1990

Completed Minooki 2nd Factory equipped with high-tech equipments.  
May. 1992  

Developed PP resin plating technology.

Mar. 1993 Private placement bond issued.  
Oct. 1993  

Developed plating technology to DCP resin for the first time in the world.

Apr. 1994  

Developed Thin and High Rigidity Plating and started mass production. (Mobile chassis Mg alternative technology)

Nov. 2000  

Introduced the eco-friendly copper-free plating process to the resin plating line the first time in Japan.

Aug. 2001  

Mass production of resin direct plating started.

Nov. 2001 Certification of ISO 14001  
Nov. 2002 Acquired the site of Minooki No.3 Factory.
Established Recycle Center.

Dec. 2002


Setting of resin-plating products recycle equipments.
(Auxiliary project of METI)

Jun. 2003

Recycle business for resin plating parts was nominated as a business subject of Bingo industries regeneration zone.  
Jan. 2004 Certification of ISO 9001.  
 May. 2005 Acquired the site of Minooki No.4 Factory.  
Aug. 2005   Introduced injection molding machine for weldless.
Sep. 2005   Increased satin plating line.
Apr. 2006 Certified as “Management Innovation Company”.  
May. 2006  

Introduced Environmental trivalent chromate treatment to whole zinc plating lines.

 Apr. 2007   Developed platinum satin plating.
Feb. 2008 Awarded as“Superior Energy Control Factory”2007  
Mar. 2010  

Developed free-hexavalent chrome technology for resin plating process.

※This subject was selected for manufacturing development support project 2009 by METI.
Mar. 2010  

Developed white trivalent chrome plating which has similar color as hexavalent chrome plating, and a good performance of snowmelt agent resistance in severe cold area.
※This subject was selected for manufacturing development support project 2009 by METI.

Apr. 2011  

Mass production of white trivalent chrome plating started.

Apr. 2011  

Mass production of platinum satin plating started.

Jan. 2012  

Developed nickel-zinc alloy plating with high corrosion resistance and started mass production.

Feb. 2013  

Planning to introduce Metal Recovery System from plating wastewater.
※This subject was selected for waste reduction support project of Hiroshima Prefecture.

Apr. 2013  

Introduced Metal Recovery System from plating wastewater.

May. 2013

Established the production subsidiary, Siam Kakihara Co.,Ltd., in Thailand and started the factory construction.

Jul. 2013 Introduced Solar Power System of 126.72kW in Minooki No.2 factory.  
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