Add high value to various new materials by Metallizing. We develop the uncharted field by Metallizing. We are the Comprehensive Engineering Enterprise by the establishment of Integrated Production System. We are aiming that Kakihara Brand will be the worldwide.
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> The support for the next generation's eco cars

The leading role of the next generation is eco-cars like electric cars, plug-in hybrid cars and next-generation gasoline cars.
Implementation of weight saving of automobile parts, Noise Measures to prevent malfunction of the electronic, Improvement of the performance of batteries and Sophistication of design of interiors and exteriors are required from now on.
We have making efforts on the plating for parts of the next generation's eco cars in advance and have gotten some achievements already.

> Metallizing for new materials

Metallizing is applicable for any new materials except water and air. The new functions added to it are various like electrical conductivity, electromagnetic shielding property, abrasion resistance, thermostability, light resistance, super-hydrophilic, super-water-repellent, water barrier property, bonding, high frequency characteristic,low contact resistance, etc. We have introduced the new process technologies like fusion of dry plating and wet plating, complete chrome free process and so on by our continuous effort on Metallizing.

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